360 Feedback Manage

Training Providers, Consultants, HR and Businesses

Here's your easy-to-use automated platform
for multi-rater feedback projects

Run projects with unlimited raters for multiple clients.

360 degree feedback helps organisations get the best from their employees
and smooths the path of business expansion.

Readymade 360 project templates allow you to run training needs analysis,
 annual employee review, leadership identification
 or employee development 
projects quickly.

If required, we can optionally help you clarify employee performance needs

and customise your project template to match them precisely.

Consultants or business specialists can also adapt them so they contain their
knowledge of specific industry sectors, behavioural models or assessment

Do you want to:

Have your projects set up for you?

We advise, set up, customise the questions and report and manage your project for you / in partnership with you.

Monitor your project’s progress via your own dashboard, and print reports.

From only £299

Set up your projects yourself?

Manage your projects  in your own easy-to-use dashboard, upload your competencies and customise the report.

Monitor your project’s progress via your own dashboard, and print reports.

From only £99

Have a fully bespoked solution?

Integrate your own questionnaire design, algorithms and reports designs.

Ideal for psychometric surveys, knowledge assessment, pre-and-post intervention analysis  or benchmarking behaviours.

From £Call

Watch how the platform helps you
in these six key areas

Set up your project in under 2 minutes

Integrate with corporate IT security processes

Guidance and automation throughout

Modify the reports - or have them bespoked

Customise all aspects of the project

Save your customisations for future clients

Readymade Project Templates

360 Degree Feedback Manager allows you to choose from pre-configured project templates such as Evaluation (e.g. employee appraisal), identifying Leadership skills, or Recruitment potential, which pre-populate your project’s parameter settings, the subject and raters’ questions, competency statements, email notification style and report format and content to suit that particular objective.

You can edit each of the above specifications to suit your client’s requirements more closely if you need to.


Provide evidence of appraisals, identify strengths and witnesses and support your employees’ professional development.


Measure the results of your Leadership Development Programmes, Identify talent and enable your high performers to fly higher.


Identify candidates likely to excel, pare down your shortlist and find people who will fit into the teams and company culture.

... or adapt them for your own industry sector,
behavioural model or assessment specialism

You can also create your own templates easily and quickly so that you can offer highly specialised projects.

Fully customizable reports

Our standard report is suitable for most 360 projects and is fully customizable, with the ability to edit static and dynamic text to match your client’s terminology, choose from a variety of graphic components and use your own branding.

Download a sample 360 Feedback Manager report:

We can incorporate your client’s algorithms, report designs and psychometrics if required.

Whilst our platform is fully customizable there will be times when your client needs to use their own algorithms or behavioural models.

We can easily incorporate more complex algorithms and individual questionnaire types as well as their report design and visual style.

Integrated Rater Training Videos

We are able to quickly create training videos for you that enable raters to give more useful, higher quality feedback. These can be integrated into the platform so that they are available to the rater at the appropriate stage of the feedback process. This enables you to train your raters quickly and cost-effectively, without the need for a lunch and learn event, let alone a training day. Find out more….

Our clients:

We’re happy if you’re happy If you’re not completely satisfied with 360FeedbackManager, reach out to us, and we’ll try our best to make it right.

Consultants choose us because we:

We’re happy if you’re happy If you’re not completely satisfied with 360FeedbackManager, reach out to us, and we’ll try our best to make it right.
Are security-vetted
You can offer your clients a system that is robust, scalable and that has been fully security-vetted.
Are trusted
Our platform is trusted by training providers in healthcare, retail, finance and education.
Help grow SMEs
Help grow SMEs By enabling them to identify talent, thereby facilitating their growth into becoming local market leaders
Are innovative
We save time by providing online Rater training videos throughout the feedback process.

We’re happy if you’re happy

We’re happy if you’re happy If you’re not completely satisfied with 360FeedbackManager, reach out to us, and we’ll try our best to make it right.

Our customer promises

Our Value Promise

Free Trial
You can use our fully functional no-commitment Free Trial for 14 days that you can use to run a project for one Subject. No payment details required.

2-Year Price Lock
We will not raise the price of your subscription for at least two years from the date you sign-up.

Need to pause your projects?
If you are going through a quiet period contact us and we will pause your billing for up to twelve months without risk of price changes or data loss. Your account and projects will be ready when you are.

Our Service Promise

Your own Customer Success Manager
As well as ticketed help we allocate you one of our experienced 360 degree feedback advisors to talk to at any stage of your project. If your requirements change he or she will be happy to discuss ways we can provide a solution that’s right for you.

Helpdesk support
We monitor our integrated help system and guarantee to respond within 8 office hours.

Proactive quality improvement
We review problems and ensure processes are improved so they do not occur again. Our aim if for our services to become ever more streamlined and efficient.

Our Trust Promise

Data security and data protection policies
Our highly customizable product and infrastructure helps our customers maintain compliance with standards like GDPR, HIPAA, and CCPA, so you can provide a secure, trustworthy service to your clients.

Transparent policies
Our policies are outlined clearly in our Terms and Conditions, along with our Privacy Policy and Security Statement. We are happy to discuss any queries you have with regard to our Terms, Conditions and Policies.

You own your data
With 360FeedbackManager, your data is always yours. At any time, including if you end your subscription, we make it easy for you to take your data with you. If you just need a break, we will maintain your project data for up to a year.