360 Feedback Manage

Our Project Templates


Our Project Templates


Businesses and organisations use our platform for running multi-rater 360 degree feedback projects within the following four key areas:

  1. Training Needs Analysis

  2. Reviews & Appraisals

  3. Identifying Talent

  4. Employee Development


Our 360 degree feedback project templates can all be easily tailored by us or you to your particular industry and individual needs.

Most of our templates can be run for any level of employee seniority, from Executives to Operatives, though some are applicable for particular levels only.

Training Needs Analysis

Training Needs Analysis project templates are used to assess gaps in performance and identify what training or coaching would address these.

Departmental Training Needs Analysis 360 
  • To understand where the performance gaps are within a particular department. 

Industry-Specific Training Needs Analysis 360 
  • To understand where the performance gaps are within a specific industry.

Employee Resilience Assessment 360
  • To see whether resilience training or individual coaching would be beneficial

Essential Soft Skills Assessment 360
  • To identify which soft skills training programmes would be beneficial

    • time management

    • assertiveness

    • ambassadorship etc.

Reviews & Appraisals

These project templates are used to get all-round feedback on performance or particular initiatives.

Employee Performance Appraisal 360
  • To identify strengths and performance gaps.

Manager Feedback 360
  • To gain feedback on a manager from their line manager, peers and subordinates.

Online/Home Working Team Leaders Assessment 360
  • To find out how well a team leader is working online and whether any improvements can be made.

Executive Assessment 360
  • This project template is used to get all-round feedback on specific executives’ performance.

Identifying Talent

These project templates are used to identify which members of staff may be suitable for promotion.

Identifying Potential Managers 360
  • Identifies which employees may be suitable for a management role

Identifying Potential Senior Managers 360
  • Identifies which managers may be suitable for a senior management or executive role.

Employee Development

These project templates are used in conjunction with informal self-study, coaching or specific training modules.

Employee Development 360
  • Identifies gaps in performance that can be addressed by informal self-study, coaching or specific training modules, e.g. time management, assertiveness, ambassadorship.

Turning Managers into Leaders 360 
  • Promotes greater leadership in one’s existing management.

Developing Leadership 360 
  • Helps promote and develop leadership at all levels of the organisation.

Pre-Leadership Programme Assessment 360
  • To assess levels of leadership before embarking on a leadership programme.

Developing High Performing Teams 360
  • Identifies gaps in a team’s performance.

Developing Essential Soft Skills 360
  • Identifies gaps in an individual’s performance.

360 degree feedback is a specialised form of survey that enables employees at all levels to gain objective feedback from their co-workers, managers and even customers. It reveals a subject’s strengths and weaknesses, and is used to assess their training needs. It can also be used as a central part of an annual employee appraisal or review, to identify hidden talent within the organisation, or as part of training and development programmes.

The feedback is collated in the form of an easy-to-understand report and forms the basis of an action plan written by the coach/manager together with the subject.


What it assesses
360 degree feedback assesses competencies – skills, abilities, values and behaviours required for a particular job role. We have a variety of project templates that include many standard competencies, and if required we offer consultancy in identifying those that are important to your organisation. 

When it’s used
It is used extensively in training, recruitment and when businesses are in the process of expansion. Larger organisations may also use it for organisational development; succession planning; onboarding, culture change programmes and conflict resolution.