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Workplace Training Animations

We take real-life workplace experiences and turn them into fun, immediate and engaging animated stories, depicting complex situations in a way that is easy to understand.​ In addition, our videos can be used to help people address interpersonal issues in a non-confrontational and entertaining manner.​​

  • Demonstrate best practice within your organisation

  • Show typical workplace scenarios

  • Makes your learning content more compelling, relevant and accessible

  • Characters, settings, real-life situations and complex interactions of your choice

  • Can also be used in formal assessments and exams

  • Optional storyboarding and scriptwriting workshops with your employees and staff

We live in a world where informal learning happens every day, e.g. via YouTube, online learning modules, Q&A websites, Google etc.

Organisations are moving away from longer classroom-style training courses to shorter, more accessible, and more targeted online content that can be consumed anywhere at any time.

A Few of Our Clients

Prometric & Dublin City University

A collaboration between Prometric and Dublin City University to research the benefits of adding animations to the university exams. This was presented to an international assessors’ conference, Athens 2019. 


NHS England Management Institute

We worked with a Management Institute who have selected us to deliver scenarios for their examinations. These scenarios are to be delivered to 20 countries and adapted to match their cultures.